Food Matters

Food Matters

Food Matters is our flagship series of immersive events that take you on a dive into understanding and connecting with food systems. 

The events provide :

  • Connection to farmers, producers, First Nation custodians
  • Skills on making healthy and sustainable food choices
  • Inspiration to take action to support a fairer more regenerative food system

The Food Matters program comprises the following events:

Taste of Food Matters

Introduction to Food Systems and why we need to take action.


Food and Country

Exploring place, food and culture with a First Nations person exploring how traditional knowledge is critical in building a sustainable food system

Food System

Food Freedom

Exploring the food system through the eyes of a local farmer – an opportunity to hear straight from the farmer, taste their food and get connected to where our food is grown.

What is your foodprint

What is your Foodprint?

An individual dive into examining the impact of what we eat on our health and the planet- exploring how as individuals we can nourish and care for our bodies, families as well as, our world.

The Food Embassy

Building your Local Food Community

An opportunity to explore how local communities have and can act to build a local food system. Food Matters alumni are inspirational speakers at this event.

Food too good to Waste

A deep dive into the big issue of food waste with practical inspiration and action.

Food Democracy 101

Edible adelaide food democracy

A 3-part series on food democracy – a movement that puts people back in the centre of the food system. We explore the levels of food democracy from the household to community through to the bigger picture and provide inspiration for action.

For further details and costings, please contact us.

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Food Matters Reports

Towards a More Sustainable Food System

Evaluation of Food Matters: A food system literacy course conducted by The Food Embassy Inc

Free Resources

Sustainable Shopping Close
to You

A list of sustainable shopping outlets in Adelaide as well as useful websites to get you started shopping for sustainable food!

Fast Facts on Food Waste

We all love eating out, but how much are we throwing out?

A handy infographic reminder of why we need to reduce food waste.

Cut & Keep Guides

A pocket-sized guide to seasonal produce in South Australia and more sustainable seafood choices to cut out and keep with you on your next food shop.

Links to be provided.

Reading List

Dark Emu - Bruce Pascoe

Young Dark Emu - Bruce Pascoe

Sustainable Eating - Tim Lang and Pamela Mason

Food in a Changing Climate - Alana Mann

Soil - Matthew Evans

The Biggest Estate on Earth - Bill Gammage

In Defence of Food - Michael Pollan

Great Websites with great reading