Strengthening Community Connection
to Food

We work with communities to reshape the food system to be fairer, healthier and more sustainable.

We do this by hosting Food Matters education/community events, food system training and mentoring community leaders to influence the food system – from what we do in our own homes, to wider conversations with businesses, retail, and governments.

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We acknowledge this land that we come from as the traditional land of the Kaurna people – always has been and always will be Kaurna land. 

We pay our deep respects to their wisdom and knowledge particularly of the food system and for true food sovereignty to exist we must always include and recognise First Nations people as the traditional owners of these lands.

Our Why

We are so disconnected from where our food comes from, our industrialised system is designed not to feed people but to put power and money in the hands of large private corporations.

And the consequence is huge!

The food system is a significant contributor to:

  • climate change (35% greenhouse gas emissions)
  • poor health (processed foods contribute significantly to increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancer), and
  • economic stress (less local jobs, poor prices for farmers)

Food is at the nexus of all these big issues – we all need to eat – it nourishes us so we can live, but it also nourishes our culture, our identities, and our spirits. 

However the industrial food system has contributed to many of us losing our connection with where our food comes and the people producing it. 

In that loss of connection, we have also lost control of our food supply, and it is time to claim it back for our wellbeing, our children’s future, and our planet’s future.

At The Food Embassy Inc. we enable individuals, communities and businesses to regain that power and connection to their food.

What we Do

The Food Embassy’s vision is to build local food communities that restore and nurture our connection to ourselves, our community, and our planet. We build this vision by:

Education – knowledge is empowering and enabling!
  • Offering a series of events that build understanding about the food system – called the Food Matters series
  • Workshops on Food Democracy: a practical dive into becoming a food citizen – filled with inspiration from guest speakers and like minded individuals
  • Training on food systems to local government workers/councils and any other key organisations. It is important for leaders to understand the food system as much as consumers and citizens.
"I think of my environment as a food environment rather than thinking of my refrigerator as a food environment."
Food Matters Participant, 2019
Enabling communities to take action
  • Mentoring support to community individuals and groups to take action on the food system and in so doing, build community leadership,
"The training has been instrumental for our council in considering how food systems can influence economic, health, social and environmental outcomes for our community."
Healthy Lifestyles Officer, Onkaparinga Council


Working with a range of partners to deliver other events that enable a more creative engagement with the food system, for example:

  • Dancing Carrots Garden Club – a delightful play and hands-on activities that engages 5-10 year old’s in discovering how to turn an apple core into a carrot! – delivered in partnership with Hunter Gatherings.
  • Magic Harvest is a low cost, simple to implement, enjoyable, accessible, and flexible home and school food gardening program.

Our Supporters and Partners